Interactive iPads

Real-time audience feedback tools for conferences and meetings that capture important feedback and opinion, promote discussion and debate, and increase audience engagement.


Give your conference delegates the opportunity to submit comments, questions, answers and votes in relation to the event content, themes and topics. The system can be setup so that everyone works around the same content, or so that different individuals, groups or tables can have different topics and questions sent to their devices. This enables different stakeholder groups or business departments to work around content that is more relevant to them.

Features :

  • Live voting and question answering
  • Submit questions and comments to presenters & facilitators
  • Complete feedback & evaluation forms
  • View presentations and agendas on the devices
  • Votes, questions and comments can be reviewed and displayed on main AV screens instantly and with the option to moderate submissions before being displayed
  • Facilitators and presenters can instantly gauge opinion which they can then act on. Review devices can also be provided for facilitators to check submissions before they are displayed on AV screens
  • Promotes discussion and increases engagement
  • Reduces paper use and is less labour intensive
  • All data captured is compiled into simple and effective report documents for post-event analysis

How it works

  1. Our expert onsite technicians setup a high-speed, self-contained wifi network within your event venue that allows for instant and secure streaming of content between the iPads and our onsite server (our wifi network does not rely on or interfere with any of the networking infrastructure at the venue.)
  2. With content already pre-programmed into the system, our technicians then setup the devices and distribute to relevant tables, teams or individuals – the flexibility of the system means that inevitable last-minute changes can be incorporated without hassle.
  3. All of the iPad content can be remotely controlled by our onsite technicians to ensure that delegates are working on relevant content. As submissions from the iPads are received, they can be instantly viewed, edited and selected for display on main AV screens, or purely stored for post-event analysis.

System Bolt-ons

Additional ‘bolt-on’ functionalities can also be provided, depending on the style of the event and the type of feedback required.

  • SMS – Providing another platform for delegates to submit their thoughts or questions for a presenting panel throughout an event.
  • GroupDraw – Commonly used for health & safety conferences, our “virtual whiteboard” application allows delegates to annotate pre-determined backgrounds. This app also features a dedicated review device so that a facilitator can review the submissions, send them to a display screen and even edit the submissions in real-time.
  • Registration Software – To confirm delegate attendance and input new delegate data.


home office imagescreenCase study : The Home Office

The Brief :  To provide an interactive voting and feedback system for a series of government roadshow events.

The Solution : We delivered our standard interactive iPad system to enable roadshow delegates to vote and submit feedback to a facilitating panel. Different question sets were sent to different iPads so that specific departments were able to work on content and answer questions that was more relevant to their day-to-day work.


hsbc logohsbc exampleCase study : HSBC

The Brief :  To provide an interactive response system that allowed conference delegates to answer questions, submit comments and cast votes.

The Solution : Our standard interactive iPad system was the perfect solution, as it offered all of the functionality that the client required in one simple ‘off-the-shelf’ package. The delegate responses were moderated before being sent to the main AV screens, and all responses were compiled into a simple report document for immediate post-event analysis.


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